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We realized that if local entrepreneurs wanted to compete with Silicon Valley, they would need access to world-class talent. So we wanted to put together a world-class team to act as an extension of your business. Our solutions have been presented at innovation summits across the world.

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Be more than just a dev house. We get a deep understanding of the problem, the market, and the business plan so that our solutions align with the needs of both the users and the business. We help businesses go from an idea to industry leaders.

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Be a major role player in South Africa's tech sector. Build amazing products while also helping businesses grow. Connect entrepreneurs, businesses, and accelerators to help build a pipeline of brilliant companies able to connect with the right investors. There are so many opportunities to grab hold of, let's be game-changers!

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Cape to Cairo, A Journey of Software Development.

We are more than just a development agency, we become your team, understanding your business and the underlying objectives. We work with you to go from an idea to a real viable solution.


From garage startup to having our startups raise millions of Rands in just 12 months.

It has been the craziest year, we flew to London to present on stage at the world summit of agricultural innovation, we participated in an accelerator program by a VC, we represented Cape Town at Seedstars Africa Summit, we have built software for billion rand companies and we have seen the startups we are working with raise millions of rands. Read more about our growth on our LinkedIn Page.


Specno is on the lookout for new talent.

We are looking for a competent Angular developer and UX/UI designers, who can self manage and write clean and efficient code. In short, we are an agile team and operate in pods. A pod consists of a project manager and system analyst, a designer who will do wireframing, prototyping and user testing as well as a team of developers. We have an awesome culture and some really exciting and challenging projects to work on.


Skudu at the World Agri-Tech summit

Skudu (South Africa) has created a technology that converts laboratory analysis of either a soil or leaf sample into a detailed, crop-specific plant nutrition solution, more accurately and rapidly than humanly possible. The company is the very first to know the exact fertilizer requirement of the farmer. This knowledge provides tremendous advantages and cost-saving opportunities for any fertilizer supplier wishing to serve this need.


Specno at the Cape Town Startup Guide

Startup Guide Cape Town 2019. Members of our team enjoyed the beautiful Cape Town views while learning the entrepreneurial essentials regarding startups in Cape Town, from the innovative Sissel Hansen.


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