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We are looking for the best creators,
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We are inspired by the tech startups of Silicon Valley, the progressive people-first companies and those who leverage technology to create impactful solutions to solve real-world problems.

We have invested a lot of time into our culture and our people - we want to be at the forefront of the industry and want to surround ourselves with the best in class. Read below to see what opportunities we have, what perks we offer, and what we look for in our people. We also offer cash incentives for referrals.

At the moment these are our

Open opportunities

Front End Software Developer

We are looking for an experienced, ambitious, and self-driven Front End Developer to join our team. As a FE dev, you will be responsible for working within a team of designers, analysts, and developers and building out progressive web apps. You will be implementing visual elements that users see and interact with within a web app, which makes your role crucial for the success of our business.

Cape Town + Remote

2-6 Years Experience


UI/UX Designer

Your role is the wow factor - the thing that sells clients/investors/users on the idea. Our internal slogan is that we make dank sh*t. We need you to understand the end-users, the business goals, and how systems flow in order to create a simple, sexy, and intuitive app design.

Cape Town + Remote

4-6 Years Experience

Prototyping Experience Required

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An end-to-end solution, a digital partnership

We take you from idea to industry leader


We are looking for the best creators, innovators & developers!

Specno is  on a mission to develop the tech sector within South Africa. One of the ways we are currently doing this, is by building a network of highly competent people.

Since (well, we believe) competent people know other competent people, we plan to iteratively use this strategy to develop our network extensively.  

You could earn R2500 simply by sending us the name of someone we should go after - or you could earn R5000 by getting them to apply and refer you.

Specno's Ideal Candidate

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Some of our favourite

Employee Testimonials

"The diversity of the projects we work on at Specno really allows you to challenge and grow your skillset  in a multitude of ways. This, coupled with the team,  their abilities and energy makes Specno one of the best places to work.”
Ryan Duell
- UX Designer
"Creating industry leading apps is what we do, and designing the best possible user-experience and interfaces is what we strive for. As a designer, there is no better feeling than seeing your designs come to life as they get built and implemented into working solutions that has a visible impact on thousands of users."
Brandon Watkins
- Creative Director
“Something I would say is special about Specno is that there is no micro management and you have quite a lot of independence to get your work done. This creates a  more relaxed working environment.”
Steph Goode
- Systems Analyst & Developer
A large reason as to why I gravitated toward working at Specno was the major emphasis on learning, independently, and from the group. I think it is invaluable to know that your skills won’t stagnate in a position where new technologies are being created almost daily. Specno is a brilliant company in terms of adopting change and taking you along for the ride.”
Darren Bates
- Software Engineer

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