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Refining The ServCraft App: How Specno Helped SA's #1 Digital Job Management System

February 21, 2024

More paid conversions, a seamless onboarding experience and a more visually appealing product – this is how our team helped take the ServCraft app SaaS to the next level

In mid-2022, when South African job management SaaS pioneer ServCraft wanted to focus on optimising its user experience to improve first-time users' onboarding experience, they called in our team at Specno to increase conversion, smooth onboarding and create a clear path to value for ServCraft customers.

Within 3 months, Specno helped uncover some key usability insights that helped to inform a redesign that was focused on improving conversions and sustained usage.

This is how we did it…

The Client: SA Digital Job Management SaaS, ServCraft

As a South African pioneer in smart job management and service industry, ServCraft has helped change the game for field service businesses in the Security, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Solar sectors.

Through smart job management software, the ServCraft app and service empower businesses by giving them complete control over their job management, quotes, invoices, forms and more.

Visit their website.

The Problem: Conversion and Retention on the ServCraft App

In August 2022, ServCraft approached Specno to help uncover key user behaviours to improve both the customer conversion- and customer retention rates on the ServCraft app.

ServCraft’s salespeople were successfully getting users through the door, but the retention rate of users was not where they would have liked it to be. To identify any improvements we needed to go through a product audit followed by a redesign to execute on the information discovered.

The Project: Specno on the ServCraft App

Our core objectives were to help ServCraft:

  • Increase the conversion rates of trial customers to paid subscriptions.
  • Create a clear path to value for potential customers.
  • Design a seamless onboarding experience.
  • Improve overall usability.
  • Suggest and implement visual improvements to the system's appearance.

The Complexity

As a B2B SaaS product delivering highly specialised functions, that had been in development for over 12 years by 2022, for a niche customer base, the ServCraft app is a highly complex product, with many functions, navigation and integrations.

Our Solution: 2 Core Optimisations in One

For maximum efficiency and affordability, we initially approached the project from 2 angles: 1) Conducting a product audit and then 3) Redesigning the product as needed.

Product Audit

  • Project preparation, including understanding the brief and setting up data analysis tools.
  • Product discovery, defining business objectives, system mapping, and user journey creation.
  • User research through personas, questionnaires, and interviews.
  • Data analysis to identify patterns, trends, and pain points.
  • UX/UI audit to evaluate navigation and user interface against best practices.
  • Project handover with recommendations for product improvement.

Product Redesign

Following the audit, we were able to conduct specific redesigns that would help ServCraft achieve its objectives of helping customers attain value faster, and thus help smooth onboarding and drive conversion.

We broke it down like so:

  • Scoping and analysis, identifying epics, features, and high-level user stories.
  • Wireframing to plan layout and functionality.
  • Style testing to enhance the user interface.
  • UI rollout to apply the new design style.
  • Preparation of developer assets for a smooth handover.

The Results: Increased Performance on the ServCraft App

With the entire process taking only 3 months, from August 2022 to October 2022, ServCraft noted:

  • A marked increase in conversions
  • A positive response to design elements

An increase in adoption and conversion is a positive result for any business. ServCraft were so happy with the new design elements, that they invited Specno back to help introduce those same designs and brand elements across their website and other digital presences.

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The Specno Difference

Naturally, this is all possible because Specno is the highest-rated app development agency in Southern Africa, with a large team of specialists that allow us to offer a turn-key solution in software development. 

From concept validation and venture building to UX/UI design, audits and UX/UI redesign, through to app development, web app development and even low-code development. Our service and projects include agile frameworks with designers, developers and product people, so it’s truly turnkey for a funded startup or corporate in the tech space.

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