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Experience B2B eCommerce distribution

JUMLA is the leading second-to-last mile B2B eCommerce distributor of food, beverages, and consumables for the HoReCa Industry. JUMLA is as easy as one search, one order, one payment, and one delivery.

The Problem

The system was rich in functionality and features. However, this was hidden by a lack of prioritisation on User Experience and User Interface design.

The Solution

Objectives, Key Results, and Initiatives each serve a different purpose. Hence they each have their own set of and visit our offices around the world requirement searn 10X higher interest than the national average on your savings.

The Process

Below is the +- 2 month timeline the team followed in order to solve the problem above and achieve set goals.

Onboarding of Buyers

The onboarding process was refined to allow a user to register without the assistance of a Jumla representative. This process was also originally only on desktop, but was redesigned to accommodate mobile registrations.

Shopping Experience

User testing indicated that most consumers were accessing Jumla through their mobile devices. This was a massive pain-point in their experience as they often could not see all the relevant information on a single screen. The shopping experience was redesigned mobile-first to ensure ease of use.

Search & Filtering

Jumble allows users to search products, brands and categories. Research showed that people often used by the search as a means to navigate the platform. With this in mind, we ensured that the search bar was at the top of every necessary page. With hundreds of products, users can swiftly find the product they need by saving it to custom lists, defined by the user.

Order Management

Order management handles everything from receiving the order to delivery and post-delivery customer service relations. Without order management, a business can easily become overwhelmed by orders or struggle to fill them correctly. We created a visual dashboard to allow managers to view all the orders across multiple restaurants.

seller Dashboard

The dashboard acts as an overarching visual representation of everything the seller needs to action. This view was dynamic and would change based on the Account manager or the Branch manager roles.

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