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South Africa’s most effective online ticketing service

Quicket is a fast and effective online ticketing service for small to medium-sized events. Within minutes anyone can create an event profile and start selling tickets.

The Problem

The original quicket website was catered more towards customers and prompting them to browse events on the platform. While there is still a need for this, the goal became gearing the designs more towards event organisers and appealing to their needs.

The Solution

Optimising the website for event organisers by including more feature highlights relevant to them, as well as by refreshing the UI design.

The Process

Below is the +- 2 month timeline the team followed in order to solve the problem above and achieve set goals.

Landing Page

Previously the home page acted as a way for users to view upcoming events and fundraisers. What they had found however, was that people often landed on Quicket via direct links from event advertising. As a result the home page was catering towards a user who was not using the browse functionality. With this in mind, the focus shifted to indicating the benefits of using Quicket as an event organiser. The features brought to light was the ticketing platform, Ticketing features, Virtual events, Fundraisers and Subscriptions. Over the years, the Quicket team had published a number of blog posts. We also looked at ways to incorporate those in a manner that was accessible to the user. This formed the basis of the ‘Resources for Creators’ section.


Selling tickets is the main purpose of Quicket, but managing tickets and the fees is where it can get tricky. We had to explore a visual way to indicate to the event organiser how these fees could be calculated based on estimates of how many attendees there would be at the event. We decided to go with a dynamic calculator that pushed out live price changes based on three variables: Number of guests, Average ticket price and Average order size.

Fundraisers & Subscriptions

Fundraisers allow event organisers to obtain funds for their cause. There are two main benefits of setting up the fundraiser through Quicket. 1) A QR code is generated for your fundraiser, making it easy to display and receive donations. 2) Cashflow is an important area of any company, especially non-profits. Custom scheduled payouts allow event organisers to control this process. Subscriptions is a business model that allows for a steady source of income. Our focus was on indicating the various tiers that could be setup and showing event organisers the benefits that were offered.

Scaling To Mobile

A portion of the project was dedicated towards ensuring the web designs were responsive for user’s accessing the designs on their mobile phone.

Virtual Events

When Covid hit, Quicket had to pivot to accomodate the lack of events. This saw the birth of the Virtual Events feature. This feature allows event organisers to livestream directly through Quicket, Stream pre-recorded content on a schedule and have an active chat. Our focus was on highlighting these features in an exciting way, while indicating that the streaming feature was compatible with all major video and streaming platforms through embeds.

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