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SA's #1 digital job management system

ServCraft gives you full visibility and control as you move through each stage of a job from the moment a customer reaches out to the moment they pay

The Problem

Servcraft had an extensive and well-thought-out system, but their focus was on optimizing and uncovering its functionality, especially for first-time users. To achieve this, they needed to identify the specific areas of improvement that would enhance the user experience.

The Solution

The UX/UI Audit conducted by Specno provided the perfect solution for Servcraft's user experience problems. Through a thorough Research and Analysis phase, the Specno team was able to identify the key areas of improvement needed to optimize Servcraft's system for first-time users. By implementing these recommendations, Servcraft was able to improve their user experience and ensure their system was fully optimized.

The Process

Below is the +- 3 month timeline the team followed in order to solve the problem above and achieve set goals.

A More Engaging onboarding experience

Over the course of 3 weeks, the team interviewed both stakeholders and clients of Servcraft to gain their insights and perspective. This was used to formulate the guiding hypothesis for the project, being “optimising the "Create a Job" flow will not only greatly improve the Onboarding experience for new ServCraft users, but will also contribute towards the retention of clients.”

Digital Job Cards

This innovative component sets ServCart apart from similar systems. The hybrid apporach between view and edit states allows for flexibility and efficiency.

Layered Modals

This approach tackled the approach of needing certain elements (that hadn’t been created yet) when creating certain items.

Easy Quote & Invoice Generation

The user can quickly preview the quote or invoice they are making before details are finalised.

Scalable design Made Easy

Specno prides themselves on their ability to create scalable designs that can easily be handed over to developers. Thorough documentation is completed over the course of the entire project.

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