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12 Crucial Retail App Features For Personalised User Journeys

February 21, 2024

Advanced user profiling and consumer analytics, advanced recommendations and context-aware AI chatbots – these are the crucial retail app features for creating personalised user journeys

Are you creating ultra-engaging personalised experiences for your customers?

Unlike the uni-branded and centralised retail experience of the past, the tech-enabled future of retail requires retailers to understand that today everyone in the family has a phone, unique needs and a unique journey to reaching the products they want to purchase.

98% of retailers agree that personalisation creates stronger emotional connections with customers and your brand. Which is why 79% of retailers are investing in personalisation through technology.

There are the crucial retail app features you need to build highly engaging user (customer) journeys…

12 Must-Have Retail App Features for Personalised User Journeys

1. Advanced User Profiling

The foundation of a personalised experience starts with understanding your customer. Sophisticated user profiling involves collecting and analysing data such as purchase history, browsing behaviour, and user preferences. This helps in creating a unique profile for each user, enabling a more customised shopping experience.

See how one of the world's largest retailers do it in our in-depth case study on the Amazon omnichannel strategy and discover the benefits of inventory technology integrated for more competitive retail operations. Also see how data boosts customer loyalty and how to hyper-personalise and drive engagement with full customer data analytics.

To fully understand the power of omnichannel, see our retail POS integration case studies and learn how to do customer journey mapping to anticipate needs.

2. User Journey Analytics

Continuous analysis of user journeys is vital for understanding and improving personalisation. Tracking engagement, conversion rates, and user feedback helps in refining the user experience, ensuring that the app meets the evolving needs of its users - see how to get valuable insights with customer journey analytics.

Also see how to leverage analytics for better app engagement as well as why you need retail technology integration in-store, how to use AI and machine learning for personalisation and how to use emotional UX design to connect and build loyalty.

3. Intuitive Product Catalogue Navigation

A well-organised and easily navigable product catalogue is essential for a seamless user experience. Users should be able to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently, making the shopping process more enjoyable and less time-consuming. See how data boosts customer loyalty, learn how to integrate online and offline channels in retail and discover the most powerful omnichannel technologies for customer experience.

4. Enhanced Search Functions

A powerful search engine within the app, equipped with features like auto-complete, spell correction, and voice search, significantly enhances the efficiency of the product-finding process. This feature ensures that users can find exactly what they need with minimal effort.

5. Rich Product Details

Detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, and videos play a crucial role in the decision-making process. Integrating user reviews and ratings provides additional insights, helping users make informed decisions about their purchases.

6. Personalised Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programmes personalised to individual shopping habits can significantly increase user engagement and loyalty. Offering rewards and special offers based on user preferences encourages repeat business and enhances customer satisfaction. To fully understand the power of omnichannel, see our retail POS integration case studies, the guide to integrating online and offline channels, using emotional UX design to connect and build loyalty and how to hyper-personalise based on your customer data analytics.

7. AI-Powered Chatbots for Personalised Assistance

AI chatbots can revolutionise customer service within retail apps. By providing assistance based on the user's purchase history and preferences, these chatbots make interactions more relevant, efficient, and satisfying.

See the impact of digital transformation on real businesses and using AI and machine learning for personalisation.

8. Personalised Recommendations

Algorithms and AI are used to offer individualised product suggestions. This feature adapts over time as the system learns more about each user's preferences, making the recommendations increasingly accurate and relevant.

Also discover the key differentiation strategies in a competitive market.

9. Context-Aware Services

Utilising context such as time of day, location, or recent activity, the app can offer more relevant and timely experiences. This kind of personalisation ensures that the app remains useful and engaging in a variety of scenarios.

10. Customised Push Notifications

Personalised push notifications are a powerful tool for keeping users engaged. By alerting users to products, deals, or content based on their profiles and past interactions, these notifications ensure that users are always informed about what matters most to them.

To always know exactly which features to develop, bring on board a digital consultant.

11. Dynamic Content Customisation

This feature allows the app to dynamically alter the content displayed to each user based on their profile. Including personalised product recommendations, tailored promotions, and customised content feeds, helps ensure every user's experience is unique and engaging.

12. Interactive Features for Personalisation

Interactive features like quizzes or preference selectors invite users to actively participate in their personalisation journey. These elements allow users to input their interests and preferences, further enhancing the personalised experience. See the most powerful omnichannel technologies for customer experience.

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